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How did the idea for IZISERVE come about? 
We recently had two restaurant experiences that made us look for a practical solution:

1. Every time we would go to a busy restaurant, the servers response time would be inordinately long. In order to get the server’s attention, we would have to wave and raise our voices.

This situation even deterred us from placing some orders we would have made otherwise. When the time came to ask for the check, we had to wait so long for the server to notice us, we decided to go to the bar counter and pay the check there. The question that arose was, would we go back to that restaurant the next time we had a meeting? The answer was, probably not.

The mistake made in this case, was not on part of the employees wireless call system, but in the set of the work process, and the lack of organisation. This restaurant was losing clientele unnecessarily. Also to be take into consider, is the fact that the dissatisfied customers would probably complain to there friends about the poor quality of service .

wireless call system
wireless call system 2

2. A high-end restaurant, in an excellent location, dedicated staff and exquisite cuisine. While we having our meal and enjoying a pleasant conversation, there was one annoyance. The server would interrupt us with several check back (visits to the table). We felt our privacy had been invaded. We are well aware that the server is not to blame, given that this is ordinary practice, however, this is an aspect of restaurant customer care that can be improved. IZISERVE would avoid these situations, and would drastically improve the customer experience.
With this new concept, the customer takes precedence, and the added attention on customer service will benefit all parties. There will be higher restaurant call system consumer loyalty, and customer satisfaction.

Features of the push button transmitters:
Modern design. 100% water proof
Inbuilt antenna
Signal distance: 200m (656 ft) in open space
Dimensions: 60x17mm

Features of the Desktop Receiver with Display:
The wireless matrix receivers display the executable data, when on strandby.
Software for text editing
Outer layer of high resistance aluminium alloy
Can be connected to a PC to handle the alert data.
Operates with a remote control from pagers
12 different sound alerts, with adjustable volume control
Can operate with single function buttons and multifunction buttons. The set application of the multifunction buttons will be displayed with its symbol on the screen.
Displays 1, 2, 3 or 4 call-groups, according to the option selected.
Displays a list of the NOT cancelled calls.

Features of the Wristwatch Pager:
Ultra-bright LCD screen.
3 alert options: beep, vibrate, or both.
1 wristwatch pager can operate with up to 200 transmitters.
It can restore the last 10 calls.
Will display the time when on standby.
3 types of alerts on the screen: symbol, text, or both
Easy to operate.

IZISERVE Specifications
Wireless transmitter. Signal: 200m (approx. 650ft) open space.
With a signal amplifier: 800m (approx. 2600ft) – 1000m (approx. 3300ft)open space.
Push Button Transmitters are water resistant.
Discreet and silent communication. Instant alerts.
Cost-free communication.
Fast and easy installation, no technical skills required.
2 year warranty.

IZISERVE ALERT Specifications
Desktop transmitter Signal: 500m (approx. 1640ft) – 700m (approx. 2290ft) open space. Rechargeable battery.
One-time investment
Light and portable.
Discreet and silent communication. Instant alerts.
Cost-free communication.
Fast and easy installation, no technical skills required.
2 year warranty.


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