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At the production level, the artisans develop an excellent job, based on the experience we have. See new collection.


At the production level, the artisans develop an excellent job, based on the experience we have.
Ellen Vicius@™
Centro Empresarial de Braga
Lote 2 D RC – Ferreiros
4705-319 Braga

Ellen Vicius’s models are born with the goal of providing to all women the refinement and glamor needed for everyday occasions. Ellen Vicius’s handbags and accessories are true works of art that strive for excellence and quality, respecting as well the environmental dimension.

The development of this brand seamed to make all sense for a company that has such a profound know-how of production techniques and has a huge knowledge of the latest trends. Faktos- Distribuição, lda, based in the north of Portugal an with a delegation in Brazil, is the owner of the brand Ellen Vicius. This Brand was created in 2012 by the businessman João Ribeiro who has always been connected to leather fashion accessories and used his knowledge to produce high quality bags.

The name Ellen Vicius has always been linked to the brand as a source of inspiration and guidance. Ellen is the name of João Ribeiro’s wife. Both are mentors and boosters of the entire project. The name ‘Ellen’ translates the power and brightness that each product has and deserves. The brand Ellen Vicius was developed for the female adult with high quality taste and cosmopolitan style. All Ellen Vicius products are conspicuous by glamor and refinement.

Ellen Vicius positions itself as a personal and unique brand. Each model is carefully and rigorously developed, excelling in quality and elegance. The customized production of each model makes the product unique and exclusive.

Ellen Vicius values are based on excellence, quality, environmental concern, perfection and accuracy. The Ellen Vicius’s product lines reflect strength, intensity, brightness and color. The differentiating values of the brand make it a unique and particular one.

The Ellen Vicius’s essence is based on the full and lasting satisfaction of its customers.

Luxury Bags

Luxury Bags – Eco Friendly Luxury Leather Bags
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